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Auto Accident cases resolved by the Law Office of David J. Heyer, Ltd.

Uninsured driver hits 45 year old man - $3.35 million

A 45-yr-old man was killed in an automobile collision when the underinsured driver of a pick-up truck ran a red light. Cellular phone records showed that the pick-up driver was using both his personal and work cell phones within moments of the collision, although the collision occurred after work hours. The settlement was paid by the pick-up driver and his employer.

2.5 Million- low speed collision aggravates arthritis - $2.5 Million

A 60 year man required a spinal fusion after being rear-ended in a car which caused only $500 in property damage.

Bus strikes pedestrian, causing serious arm injury - $2.29 million

19-year old man with a blood alchohol level of .263 was struck by a CTA bus, sustaining a partial degloving injury to his right upper arm. Injured party was initially offered $50,000 to settle.

Intoxicated salesman kills woman in drunk driving accident - $1.993 million

35 year old woman killed by intoxicated motorist (wine salesman); award made against employer (wine distributor) by proving that motorist became intoxicated in the course of his employment, drinking with a customer after a sales call.

Driver on cell phone is struck by truck driver - $1.75 million

30-year-old woman sustained a fractured hip and sciatic nerve injury when a truck tapped her car on the rear bumper, sending her into a tailspin; the defense produced records showing she was on a cell phone at the time of the accident.

Bicyclist struck, injured by truck driver - $1.56 million

A 26-yr-old bicyclist suffered a crushing hand injury when he was struck by a truck as he passed the truck through a 2 foot gap between the truck and the curb. The truck driver admitted at trial that he was not sure if he checked his side mirror before turning into the bicyclist.

42 Year Old Man Killed when car hit by Truck on Black Ice - $1.01 million

A 42 year old man was killed when a truck crossed a median after hitting black ice resulting in policy limit recovery

Older driver’s death results in policy limit recovery - $1 million

80-year-old man was killed after being struck by negligent driver who failed to reduce speed and to yield to the right-of-way.

Woman sustains serious leg and ankle injuries in auto accident - $850,000

79-year-old woman sustained ankle and leg fractures as a passenger in a car when another driver turned left in front of the vehicle.

Man rear-ended, suffers multiple injuries - $780,000

A 53-yr-old man with congenital stenosis of the neck, had surgery after a rear-end automobile collision. He had not complained of neck pain for 6 weeks after the collision. His doctor testified that the absence of any complaint of neck pain was explained by the fact that the man had severe chest pain from broken ribs which distracted the man from his neck pain.

Man suffers serious injuries from auto accident - $750,000

90-year-old man suffered bulging disc and developed spinal cord syndrome which caused immobility, bedsores and eventually his death from auto collision.

Pedestrian hit by bus - $750,000

54-year-old woman was at a crosswalk when she was struck and dragged by a bus. The woman had a knee surgery and other soft tissue injuries.

Wreckless taxi driver injures his passenger - $695,000

A 46-yr-old man suffered a head injury while he was a passenger in a taxi cab that was on its way to the airport. The cab made a u-turn in front of semi-tractor trailer in order to avoid a traffic jam.

Truck driver fails to signal, causing a fatal accident - $680,000

A 21-yr-old non-documented immigrant was killed when the vehicle he was riding in slammed into a semi-truck at a speed in excess of 80 mph. The evidence showed that the truck driver should have seen the speeding car before the truck made his left turn in front of vehicle.

Woman rear-ended, aggravating an existing medical condition - $600,000

A 40-yr-old woman with a pre-existing back condition was rear-ended at a low rate of speed. The medical evidence showed that an aggravation of her condition occurred which required a second surgery.

Low speed impact - no damage - aggravation of disc disease - $510,000

51-year-old man was rear-ended at 5 mph. The impact allegedly aggravated the man’s preexisting back condition that led him to require surgery.

5 injured in auto accident - $495,396

5 adults, traveling in a vehicle were struck by a driver that lost control of his vehicle. Injuries ranged from contusions to fractures.

Woman rear-ended by tow truck suffers neck injury, requiring back surgery - $470,000

29-year-old woman sustained a neck injury, requiring surgical intervention and extensive physical therapy, when she was rear-ended by a truck

Supervisor found negligent in work-site fatality - $450,000

A 69-yr-old man died when he was backed over by a catering truck at a construction site. The previous lawyer settled the case against the catering truck but failed to pursue the general contractor who had no direct control over the catering truck which came to the worksite on its own. Recovery was made against the law firm who failed to preserve the case against the general contractor who was shown at trial to have allowed the catering truck to drive recklessly at the site many times before the incident.

low impact accident aggravates arthritis leading to surgery - $450,000

A 64 year man had an L5-S1 fusion for an aggravated spinal arthritis.

64 year old man aggravates back - $450,000

A 64 year man was driving a car and was rear ended by truck. L5-S1 fusion was required .

Man aggravates pre-existing back injury when rear-ended - $440,000

57-year-old man required spinal surgery after rear-ended by another vehicle

Woman suffers ankle /foot injury when truck runs red light - $425,000

53-year-old woman sustained an ankle and foot injury when a truck collided with her vehicle, while attempting to make a left-hand turn.

Man rear-ended, requiring back surgery - $420,000

A 39-yr-old man with pre-existing arthritis in his back had multiple back surgeries after a low speed rear-end collision. His employment records showed that he also had several unrelated back injuries at work, which also may have caused the need for the surgery.

Motorcycle passenger recovers against driver of Motorcycle and left turning car - $400,000

50 year old female motorcycle passenger lost her leg below the Knee when an oncoming car made an abrupt left turn in front of the motorcycle. Left turning driver had only 100k policy remainder from Motorcycle driver.

4 injured in auto accident with on-duty tow truck driver - $360,000

4 adults riding in vehicle were struck on passenger side by on-duty employee of tow truck company. Injuries ranged from lacerations to cervical fracture.

Bicyclist injures a pedestrian - $335,000

A 42-yr-old woman was struck by a bicyclist while walking along the lakefront. She sustained a head injury. Witnesses had testified that the woman was listening to her iPod and walked right in front of the bicyclist.

Woman suffers aggravation of pre-existing condition from auto accident - $300,00

56-year-old woman was rear-ended, causing aggravtion of pre-existing scoliosis.

Passenger of vehicle injured when rear-ended by another vehicle - $213,387

47-year-old woman sustained torn rotator cuff when the driver of the vehicle she was in struck another vehicle

Auto Accident

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