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Wrongful Death cases resolved by the Law Office of David J. Heyer, Ltd.

4-month-old boy dies when infection is left untreated - $3 million

4 month-old baby boy died after blood tests confirmed streptococcus pneumonia but the doctors failed to inform the family and did not give the baby antibiotics.

Infant dies after being discharged from hospial - $2 million

Infant with apnea died after being discharged home

Infant dies after being discharged from hospial - $2 million

Infant with apnea died after being discharged home

Intoxicated salesman kills woman in drunk driving accident - $1.993 million

35 year old woman killed by intoxicated motorist (wine salesman); award made against employer (wine distributor) by proving that motorist became intoxicated in the course of his employment, drinking with a customer after a sales call.

15 year old boy drowns in Lake Superior on youth mission - $1.75 million

15-year-old boy drowned in Lake Superior when Church counselors neglected to supervise or rescue

42 Year Old Man Killed when car hit by Truck on Black Ice - $1.01 million

A 42 year old man was killed when a truck crossed a median after hitting black ice resulting in policy limit recovery

Older driver’s death results in policy limit recovery - $1 million

80-year-old man was killed after being struck by negligent driver who failed to reduce speed and to yield to the right-of-way.

Truck driver fails to signal, causing a fatal accident - $680,000

A 21-yr-old non-documented immigrant was killed when the vehicle he was riding in slammed into a semi-truck at a speed in excess of 80 mph. The evidence showed that the truck driver should have seen the speeding car before the truck made his left turn in front of vehicle.

Supervisor found negligent in work-site fatality - $450,000

A 69-yr-old man died when he was backed over by a catering truck at a construction site. The previous lawyer settled the case against the catering truck but failed to pursue the general contractor who had no direct control over the catering truck which came to the worksite on its own. Recovery was made against the law firm who failed to preserve the case against the general contractor who was shown at trial to have allowed the catering truck to drive recklessly at the site many times before the incident.

Developmentally delayed adult passes away from undiagnosed pneumonia - $300,000

21-year-old developmentally delayed adult resident passed away after facility failed to refer patient for signs of pneumonia

Woman passed away from complications of bilateral hip fractures - $230,000

88-year-old woman in nursing home facility dropped out of hoyer lift sustained bilateral hip fractures

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death claims arise when the negligence of a person causes another person’s death. The decedent’s heirs may seek to recover damages for the following:

The following are damages that may be sought depending on the type of injuries involved:

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