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Medical Malpractice cases resolved by the Law Office of David J. Heyer, Ltd.

4-month-old boy dies when infection is left untreated - $3 million

4 month-old baby boy died after blood tests confirmed streptococcus pneumonia but the doctors failed to inform the family and did not give the baby antibiotics.

Infant dies after being discharged from hospial - $2 million

Infant with apnea died after being discharged home

Infant dies after being discharged from hospial - $2 million

Infant with apnea died after being discharged home

Radiologist fails to report 7 cm Lesion on Kidney - $1.975

56 year old woman with back pain referred for MRI. No report of abnormal findings made. Year and a half later same MRI Center reports 7cm lesion on kidney. woman now stage IV Kidney Cancer

Traumatic brain injury as result of hospital negligence - $1.75 million

46-year-old woman suffers traumatic brain injury as a reuslt of negligence from hospital.

Patient suffers nerve damage after negligent injection - $1.493 million

52-year-old man suffered sciatic nerve injury from negligent injection of Demerol into buttocks; received a $200,000 offer to settle

Late diagnosis of bladder cancer - $800,000

Medical doctor failed to timely refer woman to an urologist. Diagnosis of her bladder cancer was delayed, necessitating surgical bladder removal.

Woman’s dies as a result of drug interaction, failure to monitor Digoxin levels - $750,000

A 67-yr-old woman suffered heart arrhythmia and death when her cardiologist failed to monitor her level of Digoxin in her system which resulted in Digitalis Intoxication caused in part by a well-known interaction between Lanoxin and Calan.

Patient misdiagnosed and discharged; passed away days later from Bacterial Meningitis - $500,000

54-year-old misdiagnosed and discharged without follow-up instructions; passed away days later.

83-year old man dies while undergoing medical procedure - $475,000

An 83-yr-old man died when he became dizzy and fell while receiving a standing chest x-ray. The hospital never enforced its fall risk policy even though he was suffering from dehydration and had a doctor’s admitting order restricting his mobility. The man had said that he was okay to stand for the x-ray.

Developmentally delayed adult passes away from undiagnosed pneumonia - $300,000

21-year-old developmentally delayed adult resident passed away after facility failed to refer patient for signs of pneumonia

Woman passed away from complications of bilateral hip fractures - $230,000

88-year-old woman in nursing home facility dropped out of hoyer lift sustained bilateral hip fractures

Medical Malpractice

The following are damages that may be sought depending on the type of injuries involved:

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