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Premises Liability cases resolved by the Law Office of David J. Heyer, Ltd.

Scratch on foot leads to lost lower leg - $2.61 million

57-year-old man lost his leg below the knee and three toes on the opposite foot when he walked into a workshop where a mechanic was repairing a motorcycle. The bike tire scratched his feet causing the man who had a vascular condition to develop an infection and gangrene.

Woman slips on flyer in Kmart parking lot and has multiple knee surgeries - $2.25 million

38-year-old woman sustained a knee injury after slipping on a piece of paper in a Kmart parking lot; required 7 surgeries and is left with grossly unstable knee, permanent foot paralysis and faces at least 8 more future surgeries

8 year old boy hit by falling bricks off building - $770,000

Bricks fall off building and 8-year-old boy suffered skull fracture with parietal hematoma and temporary neurological deficits.

48 year man slips in rain/fluid at work - $725,000

A 48 year old man slipped in rain/hydraulic fluid in a loading yard. The man suffered a torn labrum in his shoulder an aggravation of his cervical arthritis leading to surgery.

Man injured by ladder fall; general contractor found at fault - $650,000

51-year-old man fell off step ladder, tearing his rotator cuff; general contractor failed to provide eight foot ladder instead of four foot ladder.

Construction worker sustained shoulder and head injuries when material drops on top of him - $545,000

34-year-old man sustained broken clavicle when a steel I-beam fell on his head and shoulder at a construction site

Construction site injury - $500,000

49-year-old man fractured his wrist when he tripped over a 2" x 8" piece of metal left in the floor at construction site.

Woman sustains serious burns - $495,000

F-57 suffered third degree burns when a fire broke out in her apartment building. the defendants failed to properly maintain smoke alarms.

13 year old with spina bifida suffers serious burns at a children’s camp - $480,000

A 13-yr-old boy with spina bifida sustained 2nd degree burns to his lower legs and penis when scalded by hot water during a shower at children’s camp

Man sustained neck injury after falling in auto dealership - $455,000

40 yr-old man sustained un-operated cervical injuries and a concussion after slipping on floor in service area of auto dealership.

Mail man slips on homeowners front porch - $450,000

57 yr-old mail man slipped on wet tile that was covering homeowners porch; sustaining right rotator cuff tear that required surgery.

Landlord found partially responsible for death - $425,000

A 43-yr-old man suffered a fatal heart attack in his apartment. Paramedics were unable to immediately enter due to a defective door lock that the landlord had failed to repair despite several requests. Paramedics were delayed 8 to 10 minutes. The medical testimony established that the man would have had a 50% chance of survival at a severely impaired level if the paramedics had gained immediate entry.

Elevator mechanic fractures wrist after falling off ladder - $421,000

35-year-old elevator mechanic sustained a fractured wrist when he stepped off a metal ladder onto an icy roof at a Chicago hospital while conducting elevator repairs. Mechanic was offered $0 to settle.

Woman injured in grocery store - $390,000

An 85 yr-old woman suffered a hip fracture from a fall at Jewel over a food pallet in the middle of the aisle used by a stockboy. The store’s incident reports and eye witnesses’ testimony showed that the woman was likely distracted while reaching for a carton of orange juice.

Woman tripped on uneven sidewalk causing hip fracture - $330,000

Elderly woman tripped/fell over an uneven sidewalk at shopping ccenter causing a hip fracture.

Brick Layer falls off porch roof, breaks neck and has cervical fusion - $275,000

44-year-old man sustained a spinal injury when he fell off porch roof at construction site that was improperly constructed by general contractor

Man required knee replacement after falling in nail salon - $150,000

85-year-old man sustained knee injury, requiring knee replacement, when his foot got tangled in a cord lying across the floor in nail salon

Patient raped in psychiatric hospital - confidential

13-year-old boy was sexually assaulted by a 14-year-old boy while admitted to Riveredge Hospital

Premises Liability

Have you or someone you love been injured as a result of a slip, trip, fall on an unreasonable dangerous condition of another’s property?

The following are damages that may be sought depending on the type of injuries involved:

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