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Nursing Home Abuse cases resolved by the Law Office of David J. Heyer, Ltd.

79 year old diabetic man receives substandard care, causing severe ulcers - $258,000

A 79-yr-old man sustained stage II decubitus ulcers on his sacrum and penis while he was a patient at three nursing homes. He was suffering from severe diabetes, vascular disease and had undergone a leg amputation prior to the development of bedsores.

Woman passed away from complications of bilateral hip fractures - $230,000

88-year-old woman in nursing home facility dropped out of hoyer lift sustained bilateral hip fractures

Nursing Home Abuse

Have you or someone you love been injured, neglected or abused at a nursing home?
Nursing home abuse includes:


The following are damages that may be sought depending on the type of injuries involved:


If you or a loved one has suffered any of the above, please contact the Law Office of David J. Heyer, Ltd., for a free consultation.