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Construction Accidents cases resolved by the Law Office of David J. Heyer, Ltd.

Man injured by ladder fall; general contractor found at fault - $650,000

51-year-old man fell off step ladder, tearing his rotator cuff; general contractor failed to provide eight foot ladder instead of four foot ladder.

Man fell 10-14 feet from ladder - $600,000

41-yr-old journeyman roofer in union training class fell 10-14 feet from ladder, which was improperly secured with a bungee cord; sustaining fractured leg that required surgery.

Construction worker sustained shoulder and head injuries when material drops on top of him - $545,000

34-year-old man sustained broken clavicle when a steel I-beam fell on his head and shoulder at a construction site

Construction site injury - $500,000

49-year-old man fractured his wrist when he tripped over a 2" x 8" piece of metal left in the floor at construction site.

Drywaller sustains aggravation of arthritic knees resulting in surgery - $459,000

51-year-old drywall worker fell after the general contractor and subcontractor failed to maintain a raised floor which collapsed several inches in a computer room, resulting in the man having a bilateral medial meniscus tears and knee replacements.

Elevator mechanic fractures wrist after falling off ladder - $421,000

35-year-old elevator mechanic sustained a fractured wrist when he stepped off a metal ladder onto an icy roof at a Chicago hospital while conducting elevator repairs. Mechanic was offered $0 to settle.

Painter injured by homeowner's unsafe scaffolding - $387,500

A 56-yr-old painter suffered a head injury when he fell from a scaffold owned by the homeowner which he used despite its unsafe condition while working as a painter. The painter had been instructed not to move the scaffolding by the homeowner.

Man injured after forklift driver fails to secure load - $275,000

A 56-yr-old man fractured his wrist when material fell off a forklift jack onto his arm. He had been unloading his truck in a narrow lane of traffic on a busy loading dock. The forklift driver had not secured the material as required.

Brick Layer falls off porch roof, breaks neck and has cervical fusion - $275,000

44-year-old man sustained a spinal injury when he fell off porch roof at construction site that was improperly constructed by general contractor

Construction Accidents

Have you or someone you love been injured while working or visiting a construction site, due to the unsafe nature of the worksite? OSHA is the federal agency that regulates safety measures on construction sites.

This type of accident can involve temporary or permanent injuries (even death).

The following are damages that may be sought depending on the type of injuries involved:

If you or a loved one has suffered any of the above, please contact the Law Office of David J. Heyer, Ltd., for a free consultation.